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DOTP Market Review for last week and preview for this week

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Last week, DOTP market trend continued to turn weak, upstream octanol slightly soft, and PTA trend is weak, continued to decline, the cost surface support slightly negative, and DOTP manufacturers inventory sales resistance slightly, downstream products factory pre-festival stocking demand has decreased signs, the actual high level of the market center slightly loosened. It is expected that as the holiday near the downstream product enterprises to plasticizer overall purchase volume continues to decline, this week is expected to shrink the market transaction gradually, the market trend to maintain a weak finishing.

Major performance:

DOTP is a sort of high-performance primary plasticizer with good electrothermal properties. Its volume resistivity is ten-twenty times of DOP's. Good plasticating effect and low volatility on cable materials makes it be widely used on the heat-resisting, high insulation product. It is the ideal plasticizer for the production of 70 degrees C. cable material and other volatility-resist PVC products.

Meanwhile it has favorable cold-resistance, heat-resistance, extraction-resistance performance, with low volatility and high plasticizing efficiency. In its downstream products, good durability, soap water resistance and softness in low temp. has been found. It is suitable for the plasticizer of PVC resins, such as high-insulation PVC cables.

This product can be mixed with DOP at free percentage.

This product can reduce viscosity and increase preserve life in the application of plasticized paste.

Application Guide:

Widely used in cable materials, insulating wires, high-grade paint, coating, PVC gloves, artificial leather, etc.

Product specifications:




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