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DOTP: A look at recent industry profit capture

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DOTP: A look at recent industry profit capture

Since entering 2023, the domestic DOTP market profitability is poor, losses and slight profit situation is normalized. In view of the industry profitability is hampered by the raw material surface conduction obvious, especially raw material octanol fluctuations directly affect the DOTP market trends, showing passivity, for the recent industry trends and cost issues, in the following analysis will be done in the information.

Since entering 2013, the domestic DOTP market stored a wave of obvious upward trend, appeared in the end of January to early February stage, the current market is in the dip after a trial rebound stage. The main driving factor of the market trend is the raw material octanol, up during the trend, the raw material octanol prices have been raised to Lucy Chemical, for example, octanol prices from 9,900 yuan / ton, up to 10,600 yuan / ton, or 7.1%. DOTP prices from 9,900 yuan / ton, up to 10,450, or 5.56%.

The demand side has not materially improved, after the Spring Festival, basically waiting for end users to return to the market, the demand for DOTP recovery, but the actual improvement is limited, although the terminal has been returning to the market, but the basic consumption of pre-stockpile sources, and the face of rising DOTP, buying and chasing high are cautious, new orders trading is lukewarm. Subsequent to the poor shipments and octanol prices have fallen under the influence of the DOTP market into the retracement trend, into February, although there is just a need to replenish, but the cycle is short, basically showing a half-day trip.

DOTP market up and down pace closely follow the raw material octanol, the trend shows passivity, given the strong performance of octanol, DOTP industry profitability is not good, compared with the profitability of the industry in January-February, a small profit space is basically 100-150 yuan / ton, a loss of up to about 200 yuan / ton. At present, the DOTP industry is basically fluctuating around the cost line.

It is expected that the DOTP market will still face the cost and demand game, temporary oscillation and consolidation.



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