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DOP: how to deduce the game between cost and demand in the future

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Last week, the domestic DOP market continued to bottom out, but in the later stage, driven by the rising trend of octanol, the trading of DOP market improved and ushered in a wave of rebound. Especially at the weekend and the opening of this week, octanol continued to rise. Under the release of good news, DOP merchants followed the price, but the demand follow-up is still insufficient. In view of the recent market, the following analysis is made.

Octanol showed strong performance, and the cost transmission still accounted for the main impact. In the process of continuous downward exploration, it is also a negative restriction on DOP, resulting in the continuous decline of DOP market focus; Subsequently, the low price trading of octanol market improved, and the price rose by 4.17%. Driven by the rise of octanol, the DOP industry with blocked long-term profit acquisition followed the price.

Insufficient follow-up on the demand side, and the phased market is still obvious. Affected by public health incidents, the implementation of a series of sealing and control measures has led to limited production and sales in the terminal industry, limited transportation, blocked delivery by some manufacturers, and sufficient supply of goods in the industry. Therefore, profit margins are actively shipping, and the market price continues to increase. At the time of the decline of DOP businesses, there is also a certain stop and decrease phenomenon, and the operating load of the industry decreases.

In terms of DOP, the passivity is still obvious. Under the condition that the demand side is difficult to improve and the profit acquisition is blocked, the impact of raw material turbulence is obvious. Thanks to the recent continuous rise of octanol price, the focus of DOP market is also rising, with an increase of 3.77%. Although the focus of DOP market is rising at present, the follow-up of actual demand is still insufficient. In particular, some sealing and transportation still restrict demand. Secondly, downstream and traders are cautious in purchasing, and the market is still insufficient. It is expected that the DOP market will still face the game between cost and demand in the near future. The short-term market price is still firm, but the pressure on high trading is also obvious. Pay attention to the recovery of terminal and transportation.




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