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DOP: The rally failed and entered the correction channel again

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Last week, the domestic DOP market experienced a wide decline in the stage, the market ushered in a rebound situation. But the market rebound effect is not as expected, after the one-day tour market, the market again into the downward channel, bottom trend continues, in view of the market bottoming rebound and rebound after the failure of how to deduce the market do the following analysis.

Raw octanol fell sharply after the rise, again wide drop. Prices rose last week and manufacturers' inventories fell significantly. In the process of continuous decline of octanol, DOP was obviously negatively restricted, so the price also kept following down. Take Shandong market price as an example, after the holiday, the market dropped 9.09%, and the market rebounded last week.

But so far this week, lucidol is now down 6.2 per cent; Shandong DOP market prices fell 4.92 percent or so.

DOP market prices fell, in addition to the raw material octanol decline, on the other hand, the main reason is weak demand. After the Spring Festival, the terminals have not fully returned to the market, and the market demand is still in a relatively stagnant situation. Although there is a certain demand, but facing the high price of DOP, industry resistance is also strong. Last week, the market price rises, coincides with the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, when the terminal has returned to the market node, the bottom of the superposition to buy sentiment, part of the trading is also improved. But the actual demand recovery is not as expected, after a short stocking, the demand side to calm. At present, the End of the Winter Olympics, but the terminal demand improvement is still general, and in the face of raw material octanol wide decline, the DOP is still negative expectations, superimposed profits at low prices, it is expected that the bottom of the market is still left, most of them are following the market.



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