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DMF: The impact of supply and demand imbalance continues to break down

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DMF: The impact of supply and demand imbalance continues to break down

Introduction: Recently, the domestic DMF market has been under pressure from many parties, and the competitive pressure brought by the increase in production capacity continues. In addition, in the middle of the fourth quarter, downstream demand has further weakened, and the epidemic has spread in many places. The inventory situation and other pressures have led to the continuous decline of the DMF market.

Looking back on October, after the National Day, the 100,000-ton/year plant of Heart-to-Heart started to be sold steadily. The impact on the supply of the East China and South China markets increased, which increased the bearish sentiment in the market, and the downstream demand weakened after the holiday, so it took the initiative to enter the market The lack of willingness to purchase, the imbalance between supply and demand in the DMF market is obvious, factories are actively making profits and arranging warehouses, and the market decline continues to intensify. As of the end of October, the Jiangsu market price in East China fell to around 7,000 yuan / ton for acceptance and delivery, down about 20.5% from before the holiday. .

At the beginning of November, the DMF market price continued to fall, with a drop of 300 yuan/ton this week. At present, the gross profit margin of the industry continues to shrink, and the bidding pressure of various enterprises continues to increase. Some manufacturers have begun to increase their willingness to reduce their burdens, reduce production and ensure prices. The current operating rate of the DMF market is about 60%, which has declined compared with the previous period. However, in the face of weak demand, the current market supply and demand The imbalance remains to be improved.

In the later period, under the condition of imbalance between market supply and demand, if factories continue to reduce the burden and reduce production or curb the decline, but the shrinking downstream demand will still restrict the DMF market, and it is expected that the short-term tug-of-war between supply and demand will continue.




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