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Cyclohexanone: the transportation is limited in the near future, and the market will wait and see

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Recently, the cyclohexanone market remained stable and the cost side was weak and volatile, but under the influence of the epidemic, the transportation was difficult and the freight increased. At present, the on-site trading is weak and the quotation is temporarily stable. Let's analyze it in detail.

1、 In terms of cost, the pure benzene market is weak and volatile, and the cost side support of cyclohexanone is weak. Crude oil fell first and then rose, and the downstream styrene fluctuated, driving the trend of pure benzene market to fluctuate, but the center of gravity is weak. The shipment of Shandong Dilian is not smooth. Although there is no inventory pressure for the time being, the mentality is still biased towards shipment. The offer part fell, and the transactions are mostly in the source of low-cost goods. In the short term, crude oil prices fluctuate widely, the destocking of main ports slows down, and the downstream purchase intention is weak. It is expected that the domestic pure benzene market or range consolidation will be the main in the future.

2、 The trading of cyclohexanone is flat, and the downstream market demand is insufficient. Recently, although some cyclohexanone units have been overhauled and the start-up has decreased, the start-up of caprolactam in the main downstream has also decreased. Therefore, the supply of cyclohexanone is sufficient, but affected by the epidemic, transportation is difficult and freight costs have increased. At present, the trading of cyclohexanone in the field is light, but the demand may increase with the mitigation of the epidemic in the later stage.

According to the analysis, the range of pure benzene market is consolidated in the short term, and the strong support of cyclohexanone cost side is temporarily stable, but the impact of the epidemic still exists, and the demand may remain light under transportation constraints. It is expected that the cyclohexanone market will be mainly sorted out in a narrow range in the short term, and the specific cost and device dynamic changes still need to be paid attention to.

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