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Cyclohexanone: for needs light, the market continues to decline!

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Recently, cyclohexanone market continues to decline, mainly affected by the weak supply and demand side of cyclohexanone, let's explore it in detail.

First, in terms of cost, the pure benzene market is relatively strong shock, and the cost end of cyclohexanone is strong. Crude oil rise, coupled with the downstream styrene market, drive east China benzene prices higher, better deal; Shandong pure benzene market continues to move up, but the downstream response to high prices in general. In general, the main downstream by profit problems, part of the device maintenance, demand for raw materials contraction, but by the peripheral support, the seller's willingness is still strong, is expected in the short term pure benzene market or interval shock.

From the perspective of supply and demand, the on-site supply increased, but the downstream demand was weak, and the supply and demand support was weak. Cyclohexanone started to rise, Luxi oxidation device was restarted, chongqing Huafeng early maintenance device was restarted this week, cyclohexanone supply increased, but the downstream chemical fiber single shortage, coupled with the influence of buy up not buy down mentality, the downstream market procurement caution, light trading, cyclohexanone offer low, profit delivery.

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