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Chemistry and environment

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As the science of matter, chemistry plays an important role in understanding and protecting the environment. In the past, the environment was badly damaged by the failure to properly apply chemical science and engineering. Waste from chemical production processes is often discharged freely from smokestacks to the atmosphere and through sewers to the surface in the least costly and most direct manner (Figure 1.1). Biologists have observed that these practices lead to fish kills, bird population declines, and animal deformities. Doctors have found that air and water pollution can cause some diseases, such as some respiratory diseases caused by breathing polluted air. Even ordinary citizens without a professional background can see that the polluted atmosphere has poor visibility, that the excessive growth of plants in the water blocks waterways due to the discharge of large amounts of nutrients, and that serious pollution problems can be perceived only by the eyes and nose. But chemistry, as the science of matter, plays a vital role in environmental protection. 


Chemists have a growing understanding of chemical processes in the environment and have developed chemical sciences that contribute to environmental improvement. Recognizing environmental problems is not enough. Measures should be taken not only to solve environmental problems, but also to avoid them. To this end, a number of disciplines have emerged that emphasize environmentally friendly development models. Sustainable development, industrial ecology and green chemistry all aim to bring about greater harmony between human society and its industrial systems and the Earth on which all living things depend. These are all aspects of environmental chemistry




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