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Benzyl anhydride: the market rebounding situation

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After the New Year's Day holiday, the domestic phthalic anhydride market showed a stable and rising situation, the phthalic anhydride in East China basically stood at 7000 yuan/ton mark, the initial rise, the market volatility narrow range and the rise is not comprehensive; But last Friday, the market amplification, east China phthalic anhydride center of gravity surged to 7400-7500 yuan/ton. In view of this market rise, Yu information will do the following analysis.

The main driving factor of this rise in benzene anhydride lies in the supply and demand pattern of the industry, which is obviously caused by the decline in supply. Phthalic anhydride industry spot supply is tight, in east China, Anhui Tongling a phthalic anhydride device maintenance; Nanjing Liebang one set of equipment maintenance, last week the Shanghai coking plant temporarily shut down, Changzhou Xinyang one set of short stop is now normal; Northern Tangshan Xuyang a 30,000 tons of equipment maintenance; Tangshan Baotie a 40,000-ton device maintenance, Shandong joint device low negative operation; And Taixing association zhongda a set of equipment maintenance plan. Under the situation of more concentrated parking, the supply of phthalic anhydride continues to narrow, the main factories have raised prices, and there is a certain hoarding phenomenon.

Raw materials of phthalic acid continued to increase, the cost is also a positive release. On January 1, phthalic anhydride was increased by 100 yuan, and on January 10, phthalic anhydride was increased by 200 yuan again to 6600 yuan/ton. Downstream plasticizer stage rebound, and in a certain buying mood, the demand for phthalic anhydride stage improved, so for the phthalic anhydride market, relatively concentrated positive factors, the market center of gravity is obviously up.

Although the short - term benzene anhydride goods less boost, but difficult to eliminate. Main downstream plasticizer present the downward trend recently, high, cost pressures on high benzene anhydride, new market this poor situation, and more and more Chinese lunar New Year approaches, terminal industry since the middle of the parking or will gradually enter the stage from the city, so the prospects are still restricted demand for phthalic anhydride, market big probability to present two weak situation of supply and demand, so the recent market steady, subsequent weaker risk difficult to disappear.

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