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Basic knowledge of butyl acetate

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Butyl acetate is a colorless liquid with a fruity odor. Butyl acetate is slightly soluble in water, miscible with alcohol, ether and other general organic solvents. Butyl acetate is less soluble in water and more difficult to hydrolyze than its lower homologues. But under the action of acid or base, hydrolysis produces acetic acid and butanol. Butyl acetate is the most important medium volatile solvent in coating industry. Its volatility is high enough to evaporate rapidly from the film, low enough to prevent shrinkage cavity, whitening and disorderly flow.

Chemical Name

Butyl acetate



Molecular Formula


Molecular Weight


Main purpose

1. Coating industry: widely used in diluents such as polyurethane paint, acrylic resin paint, nitro paint and ethylene peroxide paint.

2. Production of fluorescent lamp: solvent used as fluorescent powder adhesive in fluorescent lamp production.

3, knitted fabric foam artificial leather (finishing agent): in the finishing agent as solvent.

4. Pharmaceutical industry: it can be used as an organic solvent for the production of erythromycin in the pharmaceutical industry..

5. It can also be used as a good solvent for camphor, mineral oil, oil, synthetic resin, natural and synthetic rubber, photographic film, perfume, etc.

Packaging, storage and transportation: butyl acetate has no obvious corrosivity to metal when dry, and can be stored in mild steel or aluminum containers.

Toxicity and protection: Class II flammable liquid. Hazard code No.: 62030. The vapor density of butyl acetate is 4.0 and forms an explosive mixture with air. Pay attention to the fire source, and put out the fire with carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride or powder fire extinguisher in case of fire. Butyl acetate has an inhibitory effect on the central nervous system. Inhalation of its vapor has a strong stimulating effect on eyes and upper respiratory tract, and stimulates pulmonary cellular mucosa, causing pulmonary congestion and bronchitis.



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