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Basic chemical Industry: 2021 casting high combustion moment 2022 expected "regression"

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In 2021, the domestic chemical market is on a strong rise, based on the global supply-demand mismatch continues to ferment, while the domestic macro environment is recovering steadily, the internal cycle is rapidly repaired, and the demand side is growing rapidly, so the top-down whole industrial chain of the chemical market is accelerating. Because besides China's national regions in the world during the first half of the spread of the situation as a whole, severe producing chemical products abroad, especially some large and medium-sized international chemical enterprises limited production of comprehensive, sustained contraction of supply, and extreme weather factors, such as from alkanes and olefins, aromatics, etc, and even chemical fiber, plastic, rubber and other basic universal coverage, the whole industry chain international supply once continuously enlarge, Including coal chemical industry chain and chlor-alkali and other inorganic industry chain also maintain high prosperity throughout the year. Superimposed on the domestic double control of energy consumption, double carbon targets and other environmental protection policies in full swing, the supply side continues to shrink, the demand side strong rebound two-way contradiction continues to ferment, the overall domestic chemical market in 2021 to create a historic super cycle.

Late in the fourth quarter of last year, with the upstream raw material supply side as a whole continued easing began to appear, mismatch between supply and demand contradiction began to collapse, more in the upstream and downstream terminal industry raw material product is difficult to pass on the high cost, thus spreading resistance, after the New Year's day, based on the internal and external present the significant declining trends need to order, In the middle of January, downstream and terminal enterprises will reduce production and stop production. The Atmosphere of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger will come earlier than in previous years.

The upstream and downstream imbalance of chemical products in 2022 is expected to be completely different from that in 2021 after the change of supply and demand relationship. Based on strong gains, the upstream raw material industry capacity utilization across the high, downstream enterprise orders demand, weak earnings, however, presents downtrend starts as a whole, as a result, in 2022; a hierarchical material products can saturation even excess pressure may be emerging, upstream and downstream industry chain will be dominated by supply and demand as well as the yield of balance adjustment. Some products such as new energy, high-tech industry raw material products supply gap still exists, is expected to continue high operation, but it is also expected to be a "spent force", and basic chemical raw materials market trend is expected to step by step value return, shock down, so the overall focus of the chemical market in 2022 will be revised down from 2021.

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