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Analysis of the market dynamics of Methylene Dichloride

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*「Market supply」

The market supply is stable, the downstream to just need to purchase mainly, the market wait-and-see sentiment is strong, trading activities are not active.


*「Production and marketing dynamics」

Dongying Huatai's device returned to full capacity production.

Guangxi Jinyi's device operating load was 70%.


*「Methanol market」

Due to the weak coal price, the methanol market lacks cost support, and the contradiction between supply and demand is not obvious, it is necessary to pay attention to the intensity of spring maintenance in the mainland. Methanol prices are expected to rise in the short term limited space, may be volatile operation.



*「Refrigerant market」

Coal prices may continue to fluctuate after a small rebound, and cost support is limited. Because the maintenance of the main producing areas is still under way, the supply side is favorable to support, and there is a replenishment demand downstream before the May Day holiday. It is expected that refrigerant prices may remain firm and fluctuate in the short term, but it is also necessary to pay attention to imports in the later period.


*「Future forecast」

The downstream market has resistance to high-priced products, the demand is weak, and the Methylene Dichloride market is expected to be a narrow consolidation.


++ The picture below shows the price trend of Methylene Dichloride in the main domestic market.




++ This analysis provides an overview of the Methylene Dichloride market, including supply, demand, price trends, and future forecasts.

++ For market participants, this information helps you make more informed decisions.




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