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Acetate: A brief overview of this week's acetate market

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Acetate: A brief overview of this week's acetate market

The domestic ethyl acetate market fluctuated slightly this week. During the week, acetic acid stabilized from the perspective of raw materials, ethanol was generally weak, and the cost-side support was weak. The starting price of auction sales in Shandong's main factories was raised, but the quantity decreased. The enthusiasm for downstream purchases in the market improved, and the actual order transactions on the market improved. In the trend, the ethyl ester holder has a smooth transaction, which has a certain positive boost to the market. The Yangtze acetylene plant has been converted to ethyl ester production, and the load of some enterprises has increased. The market spot circulation is relatively abundant, and the overall inventory pressure is acceptable. Approaching the weekend, the demand side has gradually declined, the market sentiment has turned weak, and the market outlook is mainly wait-and-see. The positive boost in the market is insufficient. The offer of ethyl acetate fell slightly, and the market was sold at a profit. The market trading atmosphere turned light. As of this Thursday, 6,550-6,650 yuan/ton in cash left the factory in East China; 6,400-6,550 yuan/ton in North China left the factory, and 6,850-6,900 yuan/ton in South China was picked up in cash.

From the perspective of the market outlook, there are many uncertainties in the current market, which drag down the market mentality, and the downstream demand is difficult to recover. The market is mainly based on digesting inventory, and the market trading atmosphere is relatively light, which inhibits the rise of ethyl acetate. It is expected that the ethyl acetate market will be weak and stable in the later stage. run.

This week, the domestic butyl acetate market weakened, and the market trading was light. During the week, the raw material n-butanol was weak and the cost support was weak. Although some units were shut down for maintenance and the market supply was tight, it was still difficult to stimulate the downstream purchasing sentiment. Boosted by the good news, the overall trading showed a downward trend, the trading atmosphere did not improve, and the pessimistic atmosphere in the market was obvious. As of this Thursday, East China is 7200-7200 yuan/ton; North China is about 7000-7000 yuan/ton; South China market is about 7500-7500 yuan/ton.

Looking at the market outlook, the support on the cost side is weak, the demand side is hard to see improvement, and there is a lack of good news on the market.



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