2019-09-27 14:18:53

What kinds of potassium nitrate will affect its purity and yield?

Whether the proportion of materials or the amount of water in evaporated water has a certain effect on the purity and yield of potassium nitrate. Then there is another kind of cooling crystallization temperature, which is called cooling crystallization temperature. I don't know if you have heard about it. Through the research, it is found that the yield of potassium nitrate varies obviously with the cooling crystallization temperature, while the purity of potassium nitrate varies relatively. Small. When the cooling crystallization temperature is 5 C, the yield of the product reaches 93.17%. According to the solubility data of potassium nitrate, the solubility of potassium nitrate is about 17 g at 5 C. At this time, potassium nitrate in the solution almost completely precipitates, which makes the yield of the product higher. With the increase of cooling crystallization temperature, the solubility of potassium nitrate increases rapidly. The yield of this product decreased rapidly from 93.17% at 5 C to 62.08% at 30 C. The purity of the product is less affected by the cooling crystallization temperature, stable at about 78%, but when the temperature is 5 C, more chloride ions and sodium ions precipitate together, which makes the purity of the product to 72.41%. The above description is another cooling crystallization temperature which has an effect on the purity of potassium nitrate. So it seems that there are three factors affecting the purity and yield of potassium nitrate: material ratio, concentrated evaporation water and cooling crystallization.


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