2019-09-30 10:33:44

What effect does concentrated evaporative water have on potassium nitrate?

Next, we will talk about the effect of concentrated evaporative water on potassium nitrate. Through our practice, we conclude that the quantity of concentrated evaporative water has a great influence on the purity and yield of the product. The purity of potassium nitrate increases rapidly and then decreases slightly with the increase of concentrated evaporation water. When the amount of concentrated evaporation water increases from 15% to 25%, the purity of product increases from 54.61% to 78.92%. When the amount of concentrated evaporation water continues to increase, the purity of product decreases slightly from 78.92% to 77.46%. The main reason is that when the amount of concentrated evaporative water increases gradually, the precipitated sodium chloride also increases gradually. Therefore, when the filtrate is cooled and crystallized, the lower content of sodium chloride in the product increases the purity of the product. However, if the concentration of evaporative water continues to increase, the purity of the product will not be affected much. On the contrary, there will be a certain amount of potassium nitrate along with chlorine. Sodium carbide precipitates together, resulting in waste of resources. Because of this reason, the yield should decrease at this time, but the experimental data show that the yield does not change much, because although potassium nitrate precipitates, the water content of the solution decreases correspondingly, and the supersaturation increases, so that more nitric acid will be precipitated during the cooling and crystallization process. Potassium makes up for the loss of potassium nitrate precipitated with sodium chloride, and keeps the yield basically unchanged. So the above is the concentration of evaporative water on the purity of potassium nitrate and other effects.


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