2019-11-29 10:33:48

Using agricultural grade potassium nitrate to produce industrial grade potassium nitrate

In our country, potassium nitrate manufacturers mainly use the double decomposition method of ammonium nitrate and potassium chloride to produce potassium nitrate. However, the potassium nitrate produced directly usually contains many impurities, which is only suitable for agricultural use. To obtain industrial grade potassium nitrate, it needs to be recrystallized.


The solubility of potassium nitrate decreased with the decrease of temperature. Therefore, potassium nitrate was dissolved at high temperature and then precipitated at low temperature. In the whole process, in order to remove the magazine in agricultural potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate manufacturers add a compound precipitant in the solution of potassium nitrate


In the process of preparing industrial grade potassium nitrate, the mother liquor can be returned to agricultural potassium nitrate for recycling, and finally it will be converted into industrial grade potassium nitrate.


Potassium nitrate manufacturers think that the key to ensure product quality is to add a proper amount of compound precipitant to remove harmful impurities, and to use natural cooling crystallization to produce large granular crystal products.


In the whole process of operation problems, potassium nitrate manufacturers use the calculation program to solve, simple, fast, accurate, and do not need to make any simplification of the actual problem


For some agricultural grade potassium nitrate which can not be removed, this process has no effect on the product, and can also be used as agricultural grade potassium nitrate for use and sale

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