2020-09-17 10:27:33

Usage and application of caustic soda

Useage of Caustic soda

In national economy, and widely used in detergent, petroleum drilling, oil-refining,paper-making, glassmaking, textile, printing&dyeing, metallurgy, synthetic fiber, pesticide, petrochemical, pharmacy, food and power industries.

Application Caustic soda

Sodium hydroxide (Caustic Sode) is mainly used in the production of cellulose pulp in papermaking, the production of fatty acids in the synthesis of soap and detergent and the refining of animal and vegetable oils
Basic reagent, sodium oxide is used as precipitation agent to precipitate as a neutralizer with masking agent masking agent of a small amount of carbon dioxide and water absorbent, thin layer analysis method was developed for the determination of ketone sterol chromogenic agent, etc., are widely used in the manufacture of sodium salt soap pulp, cotton silk viscose fiber, recycled rubber products, metal cleaning, plating, bleaching, etc
In cosmetic creams, sodium hydroxide and stearic acid saponification function as emulsifiers to make cream and shampoo