2019-10-29 09:07:30

Requirements for Storage Warehouse of Formic Acid Chemical Raw Materials and Products

What are the requirements of storage warehouse for formic acid chemical raw material products? Chemical products are different from general products, they have different physical and chemical properties. Some chemical products will undergo chemical changes when they are heated, damped, rubbed, vibrated, impacted, exposed to fire, exposed to sunlight, exposed to air and contacted with each other, which will cause disasters such as combustion, explosion, burns, corrosion and poisoning. Formic acid chemical raw materials, therefore, in storage and storage, strict restrictions on categories, and supervision to ensure safety.


Requirements for storage warehouses:


Different storage measures should be adopted according to different product categories. Standards require that the isolation be carried out, that constant temperature measures be taken for constant temperature application, and that the isolation of fire sources be avoided to avoid the source of sparks and possible sparks. For large quantities of flammable, explosive and toxic liquid products, special storage containers shall be built, and corresponding containers shall be constructed in accordance with the standards and regulations issued by the State and relevant departments.


Storage and safety facilities. For chemical products packaged and assembled, it is necessary to meet the requirements of Hazardous Chemicals Management Regulations for sealing, shock-proof, pressure-proof and fall-proof packaging measures suitable for the characteristics of products. Handling, stacking and yarding are also arranged in accordance with each other.


Different specific requirements of products are carried out to avoid serious consequences.