2020-03-11 15:35:59

Redox reaction of nitric acid

Nitric acid in nature is mainly formed by nitric oxide generated in thunderstorm days or nitrogen dioxide released from microbial life activities. Human activities also produce nitrogen oxides. There are many nitrogen oxides discharged from human pollution sources every year in the world, and these nitrogen oxides will also form nitric acid. The nature of nitric acid is not stable, so it can not exist in nature for a long time, but the formation of nitric acid is a part of nitrogen cycle


The nitrogen element in nitric acid molecule is high valence, so nitric acid has strong oxidability. Its reduction products vary with the concentration of nitric acid. Generally speaking, the higher the concentration of nitric acid is, the less the average number of electrons per molecule of nitric acid is. The reduction products of concentrated nitric acid are mainly nitrogen dioxide, while the diluted nitric acid is mainly nitric oxide. The thinner nitric acid can be reduced to nitrous oxide, nitrogen, ammonium nitrate, etc It should be pointed out that the above is only the dominant product. In fact, with the reaction going on, the concentration of nitric acid gradually decreases, and all reduction products may appear