2019-12-04 12:58:17

Processing technology of potassium nitrate factory

Because potassium nitrate does not contain chloride ions, it has been widely used in agriculture as potassium fertilizer. The application prospect of potassium nitrate is also promising. Although its production cost is on the high side, its advantage is incomparable with that of potassium chloride.


At the earliest stage, the production process adopted by the potassium nitrate factory was the double decomposition reaction of sodium nitrate and potassium chloride. Later, potassium nitrate manufacturers use relatively cheap nitric acid to produce potassium nitrate. Nitric acid is used as an acidifier to react, but the reaction product contains hydrogen chloride, which has great problems in separation and corrosion of equipment. This process is developed to solve these problems in different ways.


Then, potassium nitrate manufacturers developed the ion-exchange method for production, which has a significant effect in actual production. At present, many potassium nitrate manufacturers use the ion-exchange method to produce potassium nitrate


This ion exchange method uses standard potassium chloride and 51% - 60% nitric acid as raw materials. The key is the ion exchange contactor of ISEP, which is composed of 30 fixed bed ion exchange columns in series. The exchange columns are arranged around the rotating conveyor belt, and each working area is closely connected.


The processing technology of potassium nitrate manufacturers has been updated again and again, and now they can stably produce high-quality potassium nitrate. At the same time, the potassium nitrate manufacturers are further improving the production process, updating the technology, and will surely achieve better economic and social benefits in the future.