2019-10-08 13:38:22

Potassium nitrate on grapes, are you right?

We must use potassium nitrate as a fertilizer in the process of grape cultivation and management, but do you really understand potassium nitrate? Today, we will analyse potassium nitrate in the form of question and answer.


1. Is potassium nitrate caking bad?


Answer: No, usually the cakes are normal, and they break up as soon as they are pinched.


2. What is the role of potassium nitrate?


Answer: Swelling, colouring and sweetening.


3. When is potassium nitrate mainly used?


Answer: Expansion period.


4. The higher the purity of potassium nitrate, the better?


A: Not absolutely. 99% is enough.


5. What are the pure white and milky white particles in potassium nitrate?


Answer: Potassium carbonate


6. Will long-term use of potassium nitrate lead to soil acidification?


Answer: No, because potassium nitrate is a neutral fertilizer with good water solubility.


7. Is potassium nitrate high in nitrogen?


Answer: It contains 13.5% nitrate and 46% potassium.


8. Is potassium nitrate good for grape coloring?


Answer: It is not recommended that although potassium content is high, the nitrogen in potassium nitrate is easily stored in plants, resulting in a large supply of nitrogen during the coloring period, which is not conducive to coloring.


9. Which is better, potassium nitrate or potassium sulfate?


Answer: Potassium nitrate is a neutral fertilizer, which does not lead to soil acidification and is suitable for the south. Potassium sulfate is a physiological acidic fertilizer. Long-term use of soil acidification may lead to manganese poisoning.


10. Which is better, potassium nitrate or potassium dihydrogen phosphate?


Answer: There is no difference between good and bad. Potassium nitrate contains nitrogen, which is more suitable for early stage, such as expansion, while potassium dihydrogen phosphate contains phosphorus and potassium. All of them are suitable for later dyeing.


11. Who has the highest potassium content of potassium nitrate, potassium sulfate and potassium dihydrogen phosphate?


Answer: 46% potassium nitrate, 54% potassium sulfate and 34% potassium dihydrogen phosphate.


12. Potassium nitrate dissolves slowly, isn't it good?


Answer: No, slow-dissolving fertilizers tend to be much better.


13. The effect of using pure potassium nitrate or potassium nitrate-containing fertilizer is slow. What's the matter?


Answer: Normal, usually 3-6 days, the next day must not be potassium nitrate but hormones. 

14. When potassium nitrate water-soluble fertilizer meets hard water, it will be turbid. Does it mean that potassium nitrate is not good? 

Answer: No, there is potassium carbonate in potassium nitrate. When it comes to calcium plasma in water, it forms precipitation. Normal.


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