2020-04-28 16:55:04

Potassium hydroxide is red in production

We have heard that potassium hydroxide will appear some black when it is being produced. That's because some of the substances are affected by the production, or there are some problems in the process. But sometimes it will appear red when it is being produced. Why.


In fact, when we summarize the rules, we will find that this kind of situation usually occurs in the process of production by using the large pot method. In this case, we need to comprehensively consider the reasons for reddening from the aspects of alkali quality, sodium nitrate, sulfur, etc., as well as some operations in the melting process, which may be related There are many problems that we may not pay attention to at ordinary times, which will also have an impact.


When we consider the factors, we should first understand how the overall process of production with the big pot method is carried out. As a whole, it can be divided into three major steps: evaporation dehydration, melting and clarification. Because we all know that potassium hydroxide has strong corrosivity when it is being produced, and this corrosivity will also play a role for the big pot. In this way, some metal elements of the big pot itself will be mixed into the principle when it is being produced, so that the products produced will be red.


After introduction, we know that the original red color of potassium hydroxide in production is also related to its production process. In a word, this situation may be due to the fact that there is some rust in the equipment itself mixed with the material, which shows red color, so it also reminds us that some of them need to be put into use before the equipment is used Rust shall be removed before use.