2020-05-07 17:03:47

Potassium hydroxide can be used to make moisture-proof desiccant!

When some areas enter the plum rain season, the air will become extremely humid, which will have a bad impact on food storage and people's normal life. In order to avoid the heavy losses caused by the weather in this period, many dehumidification products are widely used. Dehumidifier is one of the most common dehumidifier products. Its raw materials are very rich. Potassium hydroxide can be used to make moisture-proof dehumidifier. Details are as follows.


It is mainly used to make moisture-proof agent because of its chemical characteristics. Through our experiments, we found that if we store it in a humid and dark place, it will gradually change from dry to wet for a long time, and the humidity of the whole house will be relieved to some extent, which indicates that the humid environment has been improved.


It combines with water to produce high temperature, but a small amount of potassium hydroxide combines with water to increase its volatilization and make water evaporate into the air, which is the main reason why we use it as moisture-proof agent.


 In addition, its alkalinity is much weaker than that of soda ash and caustic soda. It can be sprinkled on the articles that need to be moistureproof, playing the role of moistureproof and having no effect on the articles.


However, it is not recommended to use water in large areas all year round. If water is out of proportion to it, it will not only not work, but also affect the surrounding environment.


The above is a detailed introduction of the moisture-proof dehumidifier that Xiaobian can do for potassium hydroxide. I believe you can have a simple understanding of the effect of this composite dehumidifier. The dehumidifiers with different raw materials have different use effects and methods, so before choosing different dehumidifiers, we need to have a simple understanding of the effect of dehumidifiers.