2019-07-26 10:01:17

Industrial grade hydrogen peroxide

Molecular formula: H2O2

Quality standard: GB 1616-2003

Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid

Packaging: 25KG/30KG/200L polyethylene barrel, 1000L IDC barrel, stainless steel tank.


Uses: It is an important oxidant, bleaching agent, disinfectant and deoxidizer. Mainly used for cotton and other fabric bleaching; pulp bleaching and deinking; organic and inorganic peroxide production; organic synthesis and polymer synthesis; in environmental protection, the focus is on the treatment of toxic wastewater, which can deal with a variety of inorganic and organic toxic substances, of which sulfide, oxide and phenolic compounds are the most effective.


Preservation period: 12 months, no less than the standard concentration of Hydrogen peroxide


Hazardous characteristics: Hydrogen peroxide is a kind of 5.1 oxidant, which has strong oxidation and is non-flammable, but the oxygen produced during decomposition can strongly support combustion. It will cause explosion when it comes into contact with flammable and organic substances, and it will be dangerous of combustion and explosion when it is impacted, rubbed and shaken. Hydrogen peroxide with a concentration greater than 40% is corrosive.


Fire extinguishing methods and extinguishing agents: Firefighters must wear full-body fire and anti-virus clothing, move containers from the fire site to the open space as far as possible, and spray water to cool the fire site containers until the end of the fire. Containers in the fire site must be evacuated immediately if they have discolored or sound from safety relief devices. Fire extinguisher: plenty of water.


Transportation and storage precautions: Transportation and storage should prevent direct sunlight or heat, should be stored in a cool, clean, ventilated warehouse, away from the source of fire heat, warehouse temperature should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. Keep the container sealed, the container bucket mouth upward, can not be inverted and fall, should be separated from flammable or combustible, reducing agent, alkali, metal powder and other storage, avoid contact with paper, sawdust and so on. When handling, it should be lightly loaded and lightly unloaded to prevent damage to packaging and containers. If it is found that the packaging is damaged and leaking, it should be cleaned and replaced in time, and the leaking liquid should be washed with water. Storage should have adequate water and fire protection devices, and should use fire-proof and explosion-proof electronic equipment and devices.


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