2020-07-27 17:04:42

Hydrochloric acid spilled at New Haven business

New Haven, Ind. (WANE) -- A massive chemical spill at a new Haven business site was underway Monday, and cleanup efforts are underway.

Staff were called to Brenntag Great Lakes, a chemical wholesaler at 1615 Estella Street, near S.R. 930 on Maplecrest Road, around 10.30am to report a "hazardous substances incident".

According to the Adams Town Fire Department and Emergency Medical Services in New Haven, a chemical truck loaded with hydrochloric acid was dumping the product into a tank at the factory when "an accident occurred" and about 45,000 pounds of the product were released into the lot.

It is not clear what the "event" is.

A hazardous materials team from the Fort Wayne fire Department and an environmental remediation services team were called together. The product was quarantined "within a mile of the accident," the report said.

Officials are working with the Indiana Department of Environmental Management to make sure the spill is contained and handled properly.

Nelson Road has been closed to traffic while officials investigate.