2020-03-06 09:55:08

How to use potassium nitrate as foliar fertilizer?

Foliar fertilizer is labor-saving and convenient, so many people are using it now. In order to get the best effect, foliar fertilizer is usually applied in the seedling stage, the initial flowering stage, the middle and later period when fertilizer is needed. Now I will tell you when the foliar fertilizer potassium nitrate should be sprayed?


Spraying time of foliar fertilizer potassium nitrate:


1. When the nutrient intake through the root system is limited, because: root damage: disease and mechanical damage.

2. Unfavorable soil conditions:

3. Over wetting (flooded and anaerobic environment), over cooling and over drying.

4. The soil nutrient is insufficient or surplus.

5. Nutrient fixation (fixation of potassium by clayey soil).

6. Salinization (cation competition).

7. When the root nutrient supply can not meet the peak nutrient demand.

8. When the local nutrient demand of crops may exceed the ability of plants to redistribute nutrients

9. When the local nutrient demand near the big fruit and ear is high.

10. When flowering is earlier than leaf spreading, the nutrient transport in xylem is limited and nutrient transport is limited.

11. In order to recover the stress of leaves caused by night frost as soon as possible.


In general, the application of potassium nitrate is very beneficial to crops when it is confirmed that crops have potassium nitrate demand, when the environment is conducive to the application of potassium nitrate on the leaf, and when one or more of the following conditions exist, the application of potassium nitrate on the leaf is very beneficial to crops.

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