2019-12-11 13:02:00

How to deal with the leakage of formic acid

Formic acid, chemical formula HCOOH, molecular formula ch2o2, molecular weight 46.03. A colorless, pungent liquid. Weak electrolyte, melting point 8.6 ℃, boiling point 100.8 ℃. It is very acidic and corrosive, and may cause skin blistering. The components are generally found in the secretions of bees, some ants and caterpillars. It belongs to organic chemical raw material and can be used as disinfectant or antiseptic.


How to deal with the leakage of formic acid


When formic acid leaks, the contaminated area shall be isolated, access shall be limited, and the fire source shall be cut off. First of all, evacuate the crowd to the safe area and cut off the leakage source. The relevant treatment personnel shall wear respirators and professional chemical protective clothing to block the source under the safe condition.


For the formic acid that has leaked to the ground, it can be adsorbed or absorbed by sand or other non combustible materials, and soda ash can also be sprinkled on the ground, and a large amount of water shall be used for washing, and water shall be guided for treatment to prevent pollution of groundwater. If the leakage is too large, the leaked liquid must be collected and transferred for treatment to prevent secondary pollution. According to the nature of formic acid, it needs to be sealed and stored away from the fire source. The heat source should be away from direct sunlight. It should be stored in a cool and ventilated warehouse with proper temperature.


If the body parts contact formic acid, emergency treatment


If inhalation from the nostril may cause rhinitis and bronchitis, it should be moved to a place with good air circulation, and if the situation is serious, it should be treated immediately.


If you eat formic acid by mistake, you may die. Rinse your mouth with water. See a doctor at the same time.


Skin contact with formic acid can cause inflammation and ulcers, remove contaminated clothing, wash with plenty of running water for at least 15 minutes and require medical attention.