2021-04-26 10:21:10

Hisea Chem

1. Our company is located 50 kilometers away from Qingdao port. We are an experienced company specializing in all kinds of dangerous chemicals, common chemicals, food additives and fertilizers. We are also a professional chemical and dangerous goods export company. At present, it can provide more than 40 kinds of dangerous chemical solvent production and processing. We has  own logistics team, and 100 employees. And has the standard management system, guarantees the quality, and guarantees the delivery time. 

 2. In addition, we can fill all kinds of dangerous chemicals, ordinary chemicals, food additives and chemical fertilizers. Among them, the high purity of Sulfuric acid, Hydrochloric acid, Nitric acidAcetic acidFormic acid and Ammonia in the annual production capacity of 150000 tons. Has 8 container machineries and ISO Tank 500 units. The logistics warehouse covers an area of 87,000 square meters and has 50 workers. Advanced equipment and professional technical team is the advantage of our brand, choose us is our great affirmation.

3. Finally, our company also has two packaging barrel production lines, which can produce various specifications of chemical food packaging barrels for export use. We have 25 liters, 35 liters, 220 liters, 1,000 liters. The annual production of plastic barrels is 5 million barrels; The annual production of iron drums is 2 million barrels; IBC has an annual production capacity of 50,000 barrels. We have our own professional factory from the production of raw materials to packaging, which greatly increases the quality of our products while reducing the cost.