2020-07-01 13:21:40

Function and use of oxalic acid?

The uses of oxalic acid are as follows:


1. As bleaching agent:


Oxalic acid is mainly used as reducing agent and bleaching agent, producing antibiotics and other drugs, as well as solvent for extracting rare metals, dye reducing agent and tanning agent.


Oxalic acid can also be used in the production of cobalt molybdenum aluminum catalyst, metal and marble cleaning and textile bleaching.


It is used for metal surface cleaning and treatment, rare earth element extraction, textile printing and dyeing, leather processing, catalyst preparation, etc.


2. As reducing agent:

In the organic synthesis industry, it is mainly used to produce hydroquinone, pentaerythritol, cobalt oxalate, nickel oxalate, gallic acid and other chemical products.


The plastics industry is used in the production of PVC, amino plastics, urea formaldehyde plastics, paint chips, etc.


The dye industry is used in the manufacture of base green.


It can be used as bleaching and dyeing auxiliary agent.


Pharmaceutical industry is used to manufacture aureomycin, oxytetracycline, tetracycline, streptomycin, etc.


In addition, oxalic acid can also be used to synthesize various oxalate, oxalate and oxalamide, and diethyl oxalate, sodium oxalate, calcium oxalate and other products are the largest.


3. As mordant: 

Antimony oxalate can be used as mordant and ammonium ferric oxalate is an agent for printing blueprints.


4. Rust removal function:

Oxalic acid can be used to remove rust. However, be careful when using, oxalic acid has strong corrosivity to stainless steel. High concentration of oxalic acid is also easy to corrode hands. In addition, the acid oxalate has high solubility, but it has certain toxicity. Don't eat or drink when using.


Wash skin with water after contacting oxalic acid.



Buy a bottle of oxalic acid in the shop selling chemical reagents, take some, mix it with warm water and rub it on the rust stains. Then use metallographic sandpaper to wipe, and finally spray paint. The shop selling oxalic acid generally also sells some medical equipment, glass instruments.