2019-06-18 13:11:16

Energy-saving ability of edible glacial acetic acid

1. Edible glacial acetic acid has strong regulation ability. Its water solution pH value is about 12, which can greatly improve the water holding capacity of meat products.


2. In the study of water-holding capacity of meat products, some people used cooked sausage with or without phosphate as a comparative test. Through the analysis of different pH values of raw materials, it was found that adding 0.25% acetate could significantly improve the water-holding capacity of meat products. When comparing different polyacetate monomers, eating glacial acetic acid could improve the water-holding capacity of meat products, ranging from 10% to 20%. When acetate and pectin were injected into chicken breast in a certain proportion, it was found that the water holding capacity and softness of chicken breast with pectin were significantly higher than that of chicken breast only injected with acetic acid.


3. In addition, the effect of polyacetate on meat quality is also obvious. After adding polyacetate to PSE (pale, soft, exudative) meat, normal meat products and DFD (dark, firm, dry) meat, the water holding capacity, color, pH value and texture of meat products have been significantly improved. In addition to increasing the water holding capacity of poultry meat, polyacetate can also be significantly improved. Good seafood softness;


4. According to the domestic and foreign data, we can see that no systematic study has been carried out on the effect of polyacetate on the water holding capacity of meat products.


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