2019-06-13 09:07:57

Chemical Reaction of Edible Glacial Acetic Acid

You may often hear or see edible glacial acetic acid, but only physical contact, the chemical information about it can be understood through reaction, and then introduce some related information to you.

I. Various chemical reactions

1. Methane extraction

(1) Reagents: edible glacial acetic acid, alkali lime;

(2) Conditions: heating;

(3) Explanation: CaO in alkali lime does not participate in the reaction, its function is to remove water in NaOH, reduce the effect of NaOH and glass, prevent tube bursting, and make the reaction mixture loose, so as to facilitate methane gas discharge.


2. Concentrated sulfuric acid

(1) Conditions: heating;

(2) Phenomena: irritant gases are produced, which is a double decomposition reaction.

(3) Explanation: This is a laboratory method for producing relatively pure acetic acid.


II. Simple preparation

(1) Appliances: soda ash, vinegar, containers (such as discarded beverage bottles, cans), plastic rods, spoons.

(2) Steps:

1. Pour 2.5 teaspoons of glacial acetic acid into the container and add half a teaspoon of soda ash.

(2) Continuous mixing with plastic rods to make them dissolve as much as possible.

(3) To treat the experimental area, the 1:10 diluted waste liquid from the experiment should be poured out so as not to pollute the environment.


(3) Phenomenon: A large number of bubbles overflow rapidly and soda is dissolved gradually.


(4) Advantages: The method is simple, the material is easy to find, and the fun of experiment can be realized at home.


Above is about the chemical reaction and simple preparation of edible glacial acetic acid. You can refer to it and make it at home. If you want to know more about products, you can continue to pay attention to us.


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