2018-12-25 17:41:19

Caustic soda: although the output is less than the same period of the market is still oversupply

Due to the centralized maintenance in the third quarter of the year, the annual output decreased. In addition, environmental protection caused downstream enterprises to stop production and reduce production. Compared with the same period, the demand for caustic soda decreased.According to zhongyu information monitoring, the output of caustic soda in November 2018 was 2.83 million tons, 2.24% lower than the previous month and 0.56% lower than the previous year.The cumulative output from January to November was 309.89 million tons, down 2.02% from the same period last year.

Environmental protection makes production enterprises and the downstream manufacturers have cut production and production action, combined with the end demand for the domestic economy as a whole are not optimistic situation and become weak, support for chlor-alkali industry appear weak, chlor-alkali products prices almost completely relies on the breakdown maintenance of chlor-alkali enterprises to implement, according to information of zhongyu, domestic caustic soda as of November apparent consumption of 30.4282 million tons, down 1.32% year on year.Caustic soda market as a whole shows the state of oversupply.

In winter, the northern part of the market is affected by production restriction, so the demand of alumina enterprises for caustic soda is somewhat reduced and the support is weak.In addition, the Spring Festival transportation is about to start, the management and inspection of hazardous chemicals transportation will be intensified, and the transport activity may be weakened.At that time, many factors will form a negative caustic soda market.It is expected that the later price fall may be larger.