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Bulk hydrochloric acid

Our annual capacity of Bulk hydrochloric acid (HCL) is 600, 000 mts each year. 60% for export. It is the byproduct from our other chemical program.Hydrochloric Acid 33% is an inorganic strong acid, which is widely used in industrial processing, such as metal refining. Hydrochloric Acid 30% often determines the quality of the product.HCL Hydrochloric Acid of another big main purpose is the preparation of organic compounds, such as synthetic PVC plastic raw materials of vinyl chloride, ethylene dichloride, precursor bisphenol A polycarbonate polyvinyl formal, catalytic adhesives, ascorbic acid, etc. When a company synthesizes PVC, it is usually not sold in the market, and the internal preparation of Hydrochloric Acid 37% is used. Hydrochloric acid is also very useful in pharmaceuticals.

Bulk hydrochloric acid

Clear to slightly yellow liquid
purity 31%~37%
packing:drum,IBC,carboys of 32kg,33 Kg,250kg barrel drum
delivery time:7days

Bulk hydrochloric acid

  1. Specific gravity 1.166- 1.171, no impurity
    2.stable quality
    3.quick delivery
    4.professional services 


Principal Application:

Acidizing(activation) of petroleum wells Manufacture of Dyes, phenols and plastics Manufacture of chemicals intermediates, such as FeCl3, ZnCl2, AlCl3, etc.General Cleaning in households and in commercial, industrial establishments.Material Handling Spilled hydrochloric acid should be removed immediately by flushing the contamination area with large quantities of water.Employees should never unduly expose their skin to hydrochloric acid. Prolong exposure can cause severe and painful burns.Since the hydrochloric acid fumes settle rather rapidly towards the ground, it must be thoroughly sprayed with water to minimize its irritating effects


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