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99% Methylene chloride solvent / Dichloromethane / MC CAS No: 75-09-2

Quick Details

CAS No.:


Other Names:




  CH2Cl2, CH2Cl2



Place of Origin:

Shandong,China (Mainland)


Pharmaceutical  Intermediates






Model Number:



  pharmaceutical intermediates, polyureth


  colorless liquid


  Methylene Chloride

Boiling Point:

39.75°C (103.5°F)

Melting Point:


  -96.7°C (-142.1°F)

Specific Gravity:

1.3266 (Water = 1)

Vapor Pressure:

46.5 kPa (@ 20°C)

Vapor Density:

2.93 (Air = 1)

Odor Threshold:

214 ppm

proudct information


1 content: general excellence content in more than 99.9%, but the content of superior products of Shandong Dongyue is 99.5%

3 The appearance and character: dichloromethane is colorless volatile liquid, with similar ether irritating smell and sweet taste, slightly soluble in water, soluble in ethanol and aether. Is not combustible low boiling point solvents, commonly used to replace flammable petroleum ether, ether, etc..
4danger: belong to 6.1 kinds of dangerous goods, belong to have drug.

2 packing: 250kg/ drum, drum.

2.. Upstream and downstream products
Upstream: methanol and chlorine
Downstream: can produce some medicine, such as amoxicillin
3. Synthesis method
Production method of dichloromethane methanol and chlorine method, the output of main products is dichloromethane and trichloromethane, by-product is carbon tetrachloride.

3.application :

1.Is the most important. Use of dichloromethane as solvent. Dichloromethane has strong dissolving capacity, low boiling point and relatively low toxicity and inert reaction, make its become the organic solvents in organic synthesis using frequency ranked first


2do show medium dichloromethane in the pharmaceutical industry. For the preparation of ampicillin, amoxycillin and cephalosporin.


3. Dichloromethane with the advantages of strong dissolving capacity and toxicity is low, for a large number of safety film, polycarbonate, and the rest used as solvents in paints, metal degreasing agent, smoke gas injection agent, polyurethane foaming agent, release agent, paint remover.


4metal surface paint layer cleaning, skim and film
The 6 was mainly used in the field of film production and medicine in Chinese. Which is used in the film production of the total consumption of 50% of the total consumption of medicine, the total consumption of 20%
5extractive agent. Dichloromethane or for the production of decaffeinated Coffee material. Coffee through cooking, the caffeine dissolved out and floating on the surface, and then using dichloromethane to remove caffeine.


3.  Physical and Chemical Properties


Appearance                                         Liquid 

Vapor Density (air=1)                           2.93 

Flammability Limit - Upper(%)               22 

Temperature°C)                                 556 

Flammability Limit - Lower(%)               14 

Color                                                    Clear 

Odor                                                    Characteristic 

Solubility                                              Slightly soluble in water. 

Boiling  Point (°C)                               39.8 

Melting Point (°C)                               96.7 

Relative Density                                   1.320

Partition Coefficient                              1.25    (N-Octanol/Water) 


Keep containers tightly closed. Keep in original container. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flame. Unsuitable 

containers: copper, zinc, aluminium, copper alloy, zinc alloy, aluminium alloy.


6.Transport Information

UK ROAD CLASS                                 6.1


UN    1593  NO.                                    UK ROAD PACK GR.             ROAD 

ADR CLASS NO.                                  6.1                                        ADR CLASS             Class 6.1:Toxic