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Glacial Acetic Acid

  • 64-19-7
  • Industrial
  • C2H4O2; CH3COOH
  • 60.052 g/mol
  • 2915211900
  • Acetic Acid
  • Ethanoic Acid; Ethylic Acid; Hydrogen Acetate; Methanecarboxylic Acid; Acetic Acid Glacial



Acetic acid is a clear, colorless, organic chemical. It is the most important of the carboxylic acids. Glacial acetic acid is a name for water-free (anhydrous) acetic acid. Industrially used in the preparation of metal acetates, vinyl acetate, printing processes; production of plastics; cellulose acetate; also, can be used in making photographic films and textiles. Hisea Chem offer different kinds of concentrations, we have 99.9%min, 99.8%min, and 80.0%min, or according to customer’s special request.

Physical and chemical properties


Form: liquid

Colour: colourless

Vapour pressure73.3 hPa(55.0 mmHg) at 50.0°C(122.0°F)
OdourpungentVapour densityNo data available
Odour ThresholdNo data availableRelative density1.05 g/cm3
pH2.4 at 60.05g/lWater solubilitycompletely miscible
Melting point/freezing point16.2°C (61.2°F)Partition coefficient: n-octanol/waterlog Pow: -0.17
Initial boiling point and boiling range



Auto-ignition temperature485.0°C (905.0°F)
Flash point40.0°C (104.0°F)-closed cupViscosityNo data available
Evaporation rateNo data availableExplosive propertiesNo data available
Flammability (Solid, Gas)No data availableOxidizing propertiesNo data available
Upper/lower flammability or explosive limits

Upper explosion limit: 19.9%(V)

Lower explosion limit: 4%(V)

Surface tension28.8 mN/m at 10.0°C(50.0°F)


1.05mt/IBC drum20 drums in each 20ft container=21mts/20ft container
220kg/HDPE drum80 drums in each 20ft container=17.6mts/20ft container
30kg/HDPE drum800 drums in each 20ft container=24mts/20ft container
IOS Tank 25mts/ISO Tank


GHS Pictograms:


GHS Signal word:


GHS hazard statements

H266, H314

NFPA 704 (Fire diamond)



Acetic acid can be used as acidity regulator, acidifier, pickling agent, flavor enhancer, flavor and so on.It's also a good antimicrobial.Widely used in the textile industry, fiber industry, pharmaceutical industry, pesticide industry, dye industry, plastic industry, etc., products in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Chile, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, South Africa and other countries enjoy a good reputation.

Regulatory Information

Domestic chemical safety management regulations:

This chemical safety technical specification complies with the following relevant national standards: GB/T 16483-2008, GB13690-2009, GB 18218-2018, GB15258-2009, GB6944-2012, GB190-2009, GB/ T 191-2008, GB 12268-2012, GB/T 15098-2008, GBZ 2.1-2019, GBZ 2.2-2007 and related regulations: "Railway Management Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods", "Dangerous Chemicals Safety Management Regulations."

Transport regulatory

UN-Number: 1915

UN proper shipping name: Cyclohexanone

Transport hazard class(es):3

Packing group: III

Environmental hazard: /

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