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Benzene anhydride: high interval concussion after the city how to deduce

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Back after the holiday, the domestic phthalic anhydride price skyrocketed, and the merchants' price sentiment still remained, but in the fierce rise at the same time, the actual market transaction follow-up difficult situation emerged, according to the market rise and the subsequent market how to deduce the following analysis.

The spot supply of the phthalic anhydride industry is tight. In the early stage, the phthalic anhydride manufacturers are basically oversold, and the execution of orders still needs a cycle. At the present stage, some of the phthalic anhydride industry stops or reduces production, such as shandong United and Weifang Jefy's phthalic anhydride units stop for maintenance; Affected by the Winter Olympics, Shijiazhuang Bailong, Xingtai Xuyang, Tangshan Xuyang has a certain production phenomenon, the overall starting load of the benzene anhydride industry has been affected, the overall supply is expected to narrow the situation will continue.

Raw material phthalates continuously up, the cost side release positive. Since entering February, raw materials of phthalic acid has been increased twice in a row, with a cumulative increase of 700 yuan/ton. There are still some good prospects for phthalates. The terminal inventory level of phthalates is low, the purchasers have limited sources of merchantable goods, and the price of small orders is at a high level. In the later period, yangzi Petrochemical and Zhenhai refining and chemical phthalic acid plants were both involved in overhaul, so the supply of phthalic acid will still show a narrowing situation, and it is expected that there is still a good space.

Parking demand side is weak at present, part of plasticizer device basic gradually restart, but there are unsaturated resin to return in time or delay, the demand for phthalic anhydride prospects, in terms of plasticizer, under the butyl octyl alcohol strong, difficult to eliminate cost pressure, therefore, facing bengan, accept ability is limited, especially the recent plasticizer market continues to decline, the benzene anhydride resistance is apparent, Benzyl anhydride market presents two weak supply and demand.

For the market of benzene anhydride, although the stock is tight and the raw material side is firm, but the downstream demand is weak, so the market is not strong enough. However, the merchants also have a certain price maintenance sentiment, and it is expected to temporarily shock consolidation, although there is a certain risk of weakening, but the overall fluctuation space is limited.

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