DMF Watching the atmosphere to occupy the market to maintain stable operation of the disc

Jun 14, 2016

DMF:Watching atmosphere occupy Market operation steady

This week, domestic DMF market negosation is going well. In the aspect of workshop equipment, A set 120000tons/year equipment stop car to check ,the dead line is not clear now of ANYANGJIUYIAN .Beside,a set equipment of 30000tons/year in normal run. The factory sales remains stable, make less important to market. LUXI chem100000tons/year DMF device continues parked, saling the inventory. At present ,main DMF factory said that the pressure of inventory is ok ,,and there is no tendcy of down.Wait and see market shipments. Downstream in the off-season market, just to be on the procurement of raw materials to maintain the rhythm of replenishment, traders mentality in general, offer more guidance to follow the factory price. No significant negative positive impact of expected short-term domestic market temporarily to maintain correction DMF run concern factory inventory.

Up to now, Jiangsu market price of the mainstream discussion in the 4150-4200 yuan / ton acceptance near to the Guangdong market price of the mainstream discussion in the 4250-4300 yuan / ton acceptance sent.