Be More Careful On Paraformaldehyde

Feb 26, 2015

Paraformaldehyde with low polymerization degree can not only reduce energy consumption of dehydration, but also reduce the amount of waste water treatment. That is a green environmental protection engineering which is benefit for country and people.

Paraformaldehyde has strong irritation for respiratory tract. And it is easy to cause rhinitis, faucitis, pneumonia and pulmonary edema. So you must be more careful in using the paraformaldehyde. When paraformaldehyde contact with oxidizing agent in fire or high heat. Flammable gas which released after heating could form an explosive mixture with air. Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide are all the burning products of paraformaldehyde.

People who contact with paraformaldehyde must do good protective measures. They should wear safety glasses, masks, gloves and protective clothing. If your skin has been contacted with the paraformaldehyde, you should take off polluted clothes. At the same time, using clear water or soapy water rinse thoroughly. If the paraformaldehyde burning, you can use water spray, foam, carbon dioxide, dry, sandy soil to put out. People who swallowing the paraformaldehyde should drink a lot of warm water and emetic, and even taken to the hospital as soon as possible.