Hydrochloric acid

Content : 32%


Our annual capacity of hydrochloric acid(HCL) is 500,000 mts each year.100% for export.it is the by product from our other chemical program.we,Qingdao Hisea chem corporation is one of the few companies who have the export right of hydrochloric acid in china.

Name: hydrochloric acid,HCL


Anhydrous hydrogen chloride; Spirits of salt; 
Hydrochloric acid, Anhydrous; Basilin; Chlorohydric acid; Hydrochloride; Muriatic acid; Acide chlorhydrique; Acido cloridrico; Chloorwaterstof; Chlorowodor; Chlorwasserstoff;  ;china hydrochloric acid;china HCL;indian hydrochloric acid;korea hydrochloric acid;europe hydrochloric acid;africa hydrochloric acid;asia hydrochloric acid;USA hydrochloric acid,south america hydrochloric acid

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appearnce:clear to pale yellow liquid
free chlorine:10 ppm max
sulfite:5 ppm max
sulfate:100 ppm max
iron:5 ppm max
heavy metal:5 ppm max

CAS NO.:7647-01-0
EN NO.:231-595-7
Hazard Class:8(Packing Group: II)
UN NO.:1789

30kgs/drum                 785 drums/20'fcl    23.55mts/20'fcl
250kgs/drum               80 drums/20'fcl      17.6mts/20'fcl
1.15mts/IBC drum       20 drums/20'fcl       23mts/20'fcl